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Posterize printing producing different layout between prints

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Jun 08, 2024 Jun 08, 2024

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I have been printing out some posterized PDF prints for work, and the printer ran out of ink part way through. I tried to reprint the ruined page, but Acrobat is now tiling the document differently despite the same settings.

After the printing error, I used print to PDF using the exact same tiling settings so I could reprint the botched page, and when I did I discovered that Acrobat had tiled the document slightly differently, but enough to make it unworkable. I tried adjusting some settings, but it became clear on comparison that the issue was the initial tiling.


So I went back in to retile the original document, again with the same settings as the original print, and found that the tiling was even more different this time! No matter what I do Acrobat keeps using this new tiling scheme despite having the exact same settings as the original print and the print to PDF.


This is incredibly frustrating. It's already hard enough dealing with misprints of a posterized document, but having complete inconsistency between the tiling each time makes it impossible to address errors, I just have to reprint the entire job, cut and tape all the pages together again, and waste a ton on ink and paper. WTF is going on, how can I be getting different results from the same inputs?!?

General troubleshooting , Modern Acrobat






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