Acrord32.exe - unable to locate component. App has failed to start because lxbcgf.dll was not found.

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Sep 08, 2020 Sep 08, 2020

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Hello, From my perspective my problem seems to be very simple but of course I have not been able to rectify the situation. Here is my dilemma. When I try to print a PDF file ( any PDF File) a message appears, lxbcgf.dll was not found.  I will tell you what I have investigated.  I did a search of the file in question and it does exist in 2 locations within windows/system32 + another 4 levels deep. I checked on the sizes the dates etc. all exactly the same. So just to make sure that was all correct I went to the Command prompt and keyed in: sfc /scannow, that turned out fine, the files are where they should be.   Lasted approx. 45 minutes and no problems. I am running windows XP SP3. I also have removed, downloaded and reinstalled Adobe Reader 11.0.08 3 or 4 times and of course no change.  I went to the  website  for this version. I have been using Adobe reader for many years, viewing and printing Docs. with no problems.  I cannot figure out why Reader (Acrord32.exe) cannot find the file ( lxbcgf.dll)l in question. I can get on another web site and print a PDF File to my printer, no problem.  The file in question is associated with a Lexmark Printer, it has nothing to do however from my perspective with the printer or its printing. Once Reader can locate or identify with this file I should be able to print. How might I solve or further test my dilemma? Does the Registry have to modified? I would think not. I really don't want to touch the registry. Would appreciate a response or suggestion re: my dilemma. Thank you much.

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