Adobe Reader DC - Crashing when opening multiple PDFs

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Jan 20, 2021

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I seem to be having an issue with one of the PC's in our environment. We have an application which uses the Internet Explorer Plug-in for Adobe Reader. Our PC is on Windows 10, Feature 2004. (64-bit if that matters). Our current version of Adobe Reader is 20.013.20074 which should have the fix for crashing when opening multiple PDF's with the plug-in, but this PC does NOT want to cooperate. We have tried using the cleanup tool from Adobe Labs, and then reinstalling once the computer reboots. We can open one PDF just fine - but anything after that and it shuts the application down. I did however notice that the plug-in version type listed in Internet Explorer is version 20.12.20041

We have "Protected Mode at startup" disabled. When enabling, it seems it works just fine... no crashing and we can open as many PDF's within this app without a single crash. Issue is - we cannot print. Seems to be a known issue with the 2004 Feature Update. If we disabled Protected Mode, then it starts crashing again. Anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated! 

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