Why can't the common annoyances be easily addressed using the Acrobat Customization Wizard?

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Oct 21, 2020

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Every new release, there are gazillions of gripes, and Adobe scrambles to find some different kind of inelegant registry hack.  Rinse and repeat.  Over and over.  It is insanity.

Adobe, you have a customization wizard.  You know people hate these "features".  How is it even fathomable that your development team doesn't have these things as part of the standard build for a customization wizard?

Windows 10 no longer allows programmers or hackers to change the default app without the user knowing.  So stop it.  The only two options are to do it the wrong way, or to let the installer decide, which means what exactly?   How about, don't mess with it at all?  No option for that, but there should be.

It is utterly absurd that you allow this problem to persist for over a decade.  For such a commonly used application, from such a huge innovative company, the failure to empower smooth and efficient enterprise deployments is extremely disappointing.

I just want to be able to install Adobe Reader and not have pop ups or nags or welcome screens or reminders or tours or anything.  I want to do it as a silent install that can be scripted or deployed with something like SCCM or any other enterprise software deployment tool.

The forums are filled with endless reports of these things, with endless variations of "fixes" that of course, stop working with any other version of Adobe Reader.  It would be tough to intentionally design it worse than it is, with regards to this specific topic.  And there is even a customization wizard.

And don't get me started on the interface and options in the customization wizard.  Its fine if you want to keep some clunky 90's looking GUI with components that appeared to all be developed by different teams, and then put together with staples and a hot glue gun.  I can deal with that if it just had relatively clear and simple options that have firmly and loudly been established as being important wanted features in the wizard.  But it does not.

We don't even have to talk about how insanely complicated it is to install, customize, and update, based on the track decided.  Can't change midstream.  You have to keep the original installer, then the msp and mst files, and use the correct track.

No other application that is as common as Reader, and even most applications that are much less common, have any of these issues.  They are developed intentionally with the mindset of enterprise deployment.  Not controlled with adobe cloud IDs.  With the internal tools of the enterprise.

By chance does anyone have a working fix for October 2020 on Win10 2004 using Reader 20.12.200048.6926?   The last 473,629 pages I looked at had fixes, including many I've already used in the past at various times, but I can't find anything that works for me now, and I'm wasting ridiculous amounts of time just trying to get rid of the welcome screen.   Deploying with SCCM.


I have the customization wizard too, the latest 2020 version.  Created customization to accept the EULA.  I'm fine with starting over.

Or even just keeping our ridiculously old deployment and deploying the updates with Ivanti.

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