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How to get the Witness signature when email is unknown?

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 20, 2021 Aug 20, 2021

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How to get the Witness signature when you don't know who will be the witness and their email address?


When obtaining signatures or approvals from recipients, many agreements demand recipients’ signatures digitally witnessed. Mostly the recipients choose the person to witness their signature and the sender is unknown to these witnesses. 


In the above scenario, a question arises on how to send the document in a way that it can be signed by the recipient first and then sent to the witnesses. There are two ways to get the witness signature in a document without using the actual email address for them. The two methods are listed below:


1. Delegating the document to witness for signature 


When sending a document for signature, you may repeat the email address of the signer in all the recipient’s fields on the send page. For example, if you have one signer and two witnesses then you will add three recipients, and all will have the same email address. Check the screenshot below: 



witness 1.PNG



Once the first recipient signs the document, he will receive a new email to sign the document as a second recipient. He can then delegate the document to the first witness and similarly to the second witness. 


Note: Ensure that you select “Complete in order” when sending the document for signature 


2. Creating a Web form and adding multiple participants 


You may create a web form and can use the “Add participants” option that allows the addition of one or more next participants (Participant 2, Participant 3, and so on) that are to be defined by the first participant. So, once the first participant fills the form, he/she can add the email address of the witness of their choice as participant 2 and participant 3.  



witness 2.PNG



To know more about creating a web form, you may visit here. 


Hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions in mind, join the conversation here. We are listening! 


To discover a host of other excellent features – Go straight to: Recipient roles available in the Adobe Sign | Types of Signature fields in Adobe Sign 

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