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Loop Options in Preview Panel loops incorrectly

Enthusiast ,
Oct 25, 2021 Oct 25, 2021

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If I set the 'loop options' to play once, then start playback of a comp from halfway throught the comp, when it reaches the end of the comp, playback loops back to the start and playback then continues (with audio muted for no reason) until playback reaches the point where playback started. So there are two bugs here:

1. Playback should stop at the end of the comp, regardless of where the CTI was when playback was initiated. This is important because in many situations, when someone views the final exported movie, it will pause on the endframe. We need to be able to replicate this experience when watching a comp preview/playback in AE.

2. If playback does (as is currently the - wrong - case), audio should not mute when playback loops back to the start of the comp.

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