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Revamped Composition Presets for AE 23.0

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 01, 2022 Aug 01, 2022

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Starting with Beta build 23.0x6, the Composition Presets list has been overhauled to make it easier to find the more commonly used presets. We have also removed the NTSC and PAL related presets and added a set of Social Media ones for networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. The new list will be created the first time you install and run a 23.0 Beta build.



Migrating Existing Custom Presets

This change of presets is a full replacement of the old preset list, and your existing custom presets will not be migrated over automatically. You can either rebuild and save any composition presets or migrate your existing presets manually using the following example as a guide.


I have a composition preset called “My Custom 1749x984 Preset” which I want to migrate.


  1. Install and run After Effects 23.0x6 or above, then close After Effects to ensure the new composition presets list has been written to disk.

  2. Open the Adobe After Effects 23.0 Prefs-indep-composition.txt file. You can find the file in your preferences folder (Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects (Beta)\23.0; MacOS: \Users\[Username]\Library\Preferences\Adobe\After Effects (Beta)\23.0)

    3. Find the ["Composition Preset Names Section v10"] section and the name of your preset. In this example, the preset is called “My Custom 1749x984 Preset” and has an index of 034. 
   "034" = "My Custom 1749x984 Preset"


  1. Copy that line into the ["Composition Preset Names Section v11"] section as
   "029" = "My Custom 1749x984 Preset"
  • 029 is the next preset number in the list after the newly created list. If you do this for multiple presets, increment the number each time.

  1. Find the ["Composition Presets Section v10"] section and find the corresponding “034” entry
   "034" = 06D503D8001800000000000100000001


  1. Copy that to the ["Composition Presets Section v11"] section, changing the index also to 029 (or whatever index number you set in step 4)
   "029" = 06D503D8001800000000000100000001


  1. Save the file, start After Effects and “My Custom 1749x984 Preset” is now shown in the new presets list.


Please provide any feedback on the preset list, naming scheme, etc., here in this forum post.










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