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brand new Audition/Windows 10 rig crashing EVERY TIME I close it or close the session

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Apr 10, 2024 Apr 10, 2024

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After using Audition CS6 with Windows 7 and 2 UAD plugin cards for 15+ years with pretty much flawless operation, a couple of weeks ago I purchased Audition to run on my Windows 10 laptop (where I also have UAD plugins running) and have had nothing but crashing. Every single time I "Close All" or close the program, it crashes and I get an error message. I have sent multiple "reports" to Adobe via the  error message window along with my email address. 

1. crashing when closing, every time

2. the other day I was puzzled why my piano volume wasn't changing, and I realized that the volume envelopes on the track weren't working. I tried adjusting them, no change. So I 'closed all' (crash of course) and restarted Audition with the session. It was fine after that.

3. ** everytime it crashes, Audition creates a folder called "Backup" in the session folder of the session I was working on and creates many new .sesx files. (It created 77 sesx files in this new folder for one of the session!!! WTF?)


Unfortunately, my Windows 7/CS6 tower studio computer has just developed an unrelated problem, and I have had to take it in for service, and I am in the middle of a mixing job (I have pro 16 track studio), leaving me 100% reliant on my Audition/Windows 10/Apollo rig.  But I don't trust the new Audition now (and especially when the client is there!..very stressful).


Please help, THANKS!!

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