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Learn Series Part 13: How to use Dynamic link between Premiere Pro and Audition

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 10, 2020 Sep 10, 2020

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<< Part 12


Learn series Part13.jpg

This is a part of the ongoing Learn series with Mike Russell which will help you get started with Adobe Audition. We've some interesting articles & videos coming up weekly where we will talk about the tools, workflow & some really cool effects. Let us know how you use Audition & what you want to learn about Adobe Audition. We're here to help.





In this video, you will learn how to send individual clips or the entire sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition to batch process multiple files, adjust loudness, fine-tune the audio of your project and then deliver the finished audio back to Premiere Pro. The Dynamic link workflow using multitrack allows you to seamlessly move back and forth between Premiere Pro and Audition in case you want to re-edit the audio.

0:25 - Playback of audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

0:44 - Editing a specific piece of audio in Adobe Audition

1:03 - Making changes to audio in Adobe Audition  

1:53 - Save in Adobe Audition - Dynamic Link updates Premiere Pro 

2:30 - Undo changes and update in Premiere Pro 

2:52 - Editing a whole sequence of audio in Adobe Audition multitrack  

3:14 - Settings for audio sequence editing

3:33 - Editing video audio in the Adobe Audition multitrack 

4:15 - Getting the sequence audio back into Premiere Pro 

5:00 - Choosing where to place audio inside Premiere Pro

5:19 - Edit original multitrack from Premiere Pro


Tip icon.png 


Pro tip

Sending a clip to Audition lets you render the clip's audio data to do more advanced audio editing in Audition's Wave Editor.

Sending a sequence to Audition transfers the full fidelity of your composition keeping keyframes, effects, Essential Sound settings, markers, and metadata intact. Sending a sequence lets you do further refinement, mixing and advanced composition in Audition's Multitrack Editor.

Learn more about
Editing audio of your Premiere Pro project in Audition

Dynamic link to Audition

Export a multitrack mix to Premiere Pro


Hope it helps in understanding the Dynamic link workflow between Premiere Pro and Audition. Refer to this page to explore the other videos of this series. Let us know if you have any questions.


<< Part 12

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Contributor ,
Feb 06, 2021 Feb 06, 2021

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Question regarding moving back and forth between AA & APP.

But first, thank you for the Learn Series. I wish Adobe would be more organized in it resources. Info like this is so hard to find. Is this visible anywhere other than the communities? 

Can I suggest you could make this even better if you included related written and visual information, and perhaps files to use with it.


My question: In Premier I've created multiple tracks, with multiple clips. I'd like to move smoothly back and forth between Audition and Premiere to edit audio and have all edits to one be reflected as changes are made, even if this requires a save and update. What I'm finding is nothing I do in the multitrack editor in Audition or the Timeline in Premiere, affects the other dynamically. Adjusting the volume of a clip in Premiere (using the clips volume control) is transferred to Audition adequately when using Premiere's Edit-> Edit in Adobe Audition-> Sequence... but then doing the same (adjusting the volume in a clip, within AA's multitrack editor) has no effect back in Premier. Of course, I'm trying to do this using Dynamic Link. I know if I edit files in Waveform the changes pass back automagically, but nothing via Multitrack editing. What am I missing?


In my case the audio and video clips are synced, (same length and aligned) and ultimately, after all the levels are right, I'll be exporting an mp4 (no problem) AND I also need to merge the audio to a single stereo track with multiple clips matching the original clips.







Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
community guidelines