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Low CPU usage for applying an effect

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Apr 21, 2021 Apr 21, 2021

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I digitalised an old recording from a reel to reel tape and recognised that a speech on it has a bit high tone and sounds unnatural. I tested different options on "Stretch and Pitch" and finally found something that is quite OK (104% and -1.5 semitones). The length of the speech is 53 minutes and when I applied, it shows 26 minutes to complete whereas my CPU usage is only 13%. I see that it uses only one core out of six. The information of the CPU is this (CPU bought 3 years ago):


AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor

Base speed: 3,60 GHz, Sockets: 1, Cores: 6, Logical processors: 12, Virtualisation: Enabled
L1 cache: 576 KB, L2 cache: 3,0 MB, L3 cache: 16,0 MB

Utilisation 13%, Speed 3,67 GHz, Up time 17:11:28:23
Processes 327, Threads 4141, Handles 163909


Memory: 16 GB, used 12 GB.


It could actually work six times faster if it would use all the CPU's but why it doesn't use them? My Audition is version The affinity of audition.exe has not been changed and it is allowed to use all 12 CPU's, I checked this just in case from the Task Manager.


Is this some fundamental limitation or can something be done here?


For comparison, I can't really say if there has been anything else that needs CPU a lot and has really used more -- and I can't check at the moment (Noise Reduction for example) because I don't want to cancel that long processing it is doing at he moment. But this situation surely reminds me of old Cool Edit back in 2002 or so where simply the noise reduction of a 45-minute speech took some 20-25 minutes! I thought these days are long over but there you go 🙂







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