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Retaining audio track effects when combining different sequences

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Nov 13, 2022 Nov 13, 2022

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Hello -


I am audio mixing / mastering my piece in 5.1.  I have a single project with multiple sequences representing different scenes.  I am now at the stage of combining those sequences into a master sequence.


For each sequence I optimized the audio using a combination of clip and track effect/treatments along with defining the surround sound stage for that sequence. I obviously prefer track treatments since they are more uniform and faster to apply and there's no other way to apply 5.1 sound stage effects other than on the track.


However, when I pull the sequence into the new "master" sequence (like literally click and drag sequence to the timeline) I lose all the track-level audio treatments. 


I am missing a step, I am sure.  How do I combine all the sweet audio goodness from each seqence so it is retained when placed in the master sequence?  I have been searching for some sort of 'mix down' feature in Premeire but can't find it.  


As an aside, I have a problem linking to Audition and I've asked the community how to solve that...but no luck yet so I need to take this other route and mix strictly in Premiere, unfortunately.

How to






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