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Add time zone to Edit Capture Time

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Jul 02, 2023 Jul 02, 2023

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I'm using Bridge to add metadata to scanned photos. But the Edit Capture Time does not have time zone selection. Without it Bridge defaults to user's computer operating system's time zone. This then appears in the xmp, for example as <exif:DateTimeOriginal>1971-07-01T00:00+10:00</exif:DateTimeOriginal>. The problem is that is the wrong time zone for my scanned photos. In this instance I want +01:00, not +10:00.

First issue is Bridge doesn't show the offset in the Date Time Original metadata field, so the user doesn't realise there's a problem. Then when I import the files with this incorrect time zone from Bridge into Apple Photos it sorts the date/time incorrectly.

Apple Photos has time zone support for changing date & time, but I'd prefer to use Bridge to enter metadata. So my work-around for now is to change my computer's operating system time zone to match the one in the photos I need to alter, then return my OS time zone to my actual time zone when I finish a session.

I believe the Exif tags came in version 2.31 (July 2016), and are: "OffsetTime", "OffsetTimeOriginal" and "OffsetTimeDigitized".

Can Adobe please impliment a time zone feature for the Edit Capture Time, as well as display the time zone offset in the Metadata Camera Data (Exif)?

Note, I also manually enter GPS Latitude and Longitude in Bridge, with co-ordinates from Google Maps via an intermediate converter.

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