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Adobe Bridge Beta is now available (

Adobe Employee ,
Mar 06, 2023 Mar 06, 2023

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We are happy to announce the release of Adobe Bridge Beta (


We have been tracking the issues reported on the latest release version of Bridge and have been working on fixing those issues.  


With this Beta release, we're fixing many top customer-reported issues in the area of APD, File Operations, Label/Rating, Workflow Builder, Workspaces, Panels, Collections, and a few more. Also, please note that we have made a few significant changes in the preview rendering workflows.


Also, we are hearing your requests about reintroducing Multiple Bridge windows. This Beta release does not include this requested feature, but the Bridge team is working on it, analyzing the use cases, and constructing an appropriate action plan. Please stay tuned.


Please let us know if any fixes are not working well for you.


Steps to install/update


InstallGo to the Creative Cloud desktop app and select Beta apps in the left sidebar of the Apps panel. Then select install for your beta app.


Update: Go to the Creative Cloud desktop app, click on Update in the left sidebar of the Apps panel, and Check for updates. Then click update for your beta app.


Note: As always, the update will be rolled out incrementally. If you do not see the update in the Creative Cloud Desktop app, please wait for a couple of days till we release the Beta update to all users


Fixed Issues:



  • Bridge Crash or Blank pop-up window shows up on launch on Windows
  • Error message "Sorry, something went wrong" comes on Bridge launch
  • Bridge crashes on startup on macOS Ventura



  • APD does not show the devices list on Mac Ventura 13.2


File Operations

  • Bridge opens the file/Folder in a new content tab in Windows while opening from explorer instead of the already opened content tab
  • Selection using Click & Drag with the ctrl/command not working properly
  • Double thumbnails and/or Bridge crash after opening multiple InDesign files with filter enabled
  • Folder shortcut from the favorites panel displays no content in the content panel if that folder gets deleted and recovered by undo


Label Rating

  • Applying Label/Rating in Full screen required a few attempts, sometimes
  • Sort Order Doesn't Refresh after changing the label/rating


Content Panel

  • Page up and Page down does not work in the content panel
  • Ctrl + Scroll does not resize thumbnails in the content panel
  • File thumbnail in content view goes out of frame on rotation
  • Grid lock does not work correctly after scrolling in the content panel
  • Thumbnail only not hiding the camera raw badge icon in the Grid view


Folder/Favorite Panel

  • Folder navigation jumps to the top while dragging/dropping a file/folder in the folder panel
  • Lost network bookmarks on click from the favorites panel when working offline


Filter Panel

  • Order of keywords is incorrect In Non-English language Bridge


Metadata Panel

  • Unable to load an XMP file through 'Tools' > 'Create Metadata Template' > Hamburger menu > 'Load...'.
  • Metadata panel collapse and expand state not getting saved
  • "Show Metadata on Hover" is stuck on the Screen and appeared on other apps
  • Metadata truncated when revisiting a folder
  • Metadata fields are editable even if the file is locked



  • "Use current folder" behavior for Smart collection is not working and sometimes results in a crash
  • When creating or editing a smart collection/search and limiting to file size (ex. 1000kb) in search criteria, it defaults back to 0kb on save


Keyboard Shortcut

  • Option + D is always taking to Path bar edit even when text editing in any edit box is in progress on Mac
  • Keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Del" isn't working for a few languages Croatian, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish



  • Batch Rename Workflow not working on Raw files with XMP data
  • Error while exporting raw file using Custom workflow
  • Bridge crash on exit after the custom workflow
  • On the Workflow Progress dialog, all jobs clear even when pressing ESC
  • Task Context Menu does not appear while creating a new workflow



  • Window size not saved when the workspace is saved
  • Switching Workspace causes slight blinking
  • Every time a custom workspace is selected, the window size is reduced


Other Issues

  • Color space issue on the extended monitor
  • Bridge crash on scaling change (low to high), if loupe view is open
  • Bridge v13 (and v12) don't highlight selected OneDrive locations in the favorites panel in macOS
  • "Maximum tabs opened" dialog appears while importing the files through APD with the "Open in Bridge" option when already maximum tabs are opened in Bridge
  • Some of the preferences settings are getting changed even click on cancel
  • Unable to select multiple stacks
  • Shortcut symbol(arrow) missing for shortcuts
  • Few strings are not localized in the German version
  • String "Drag and Drop images on a preset to export" in the Export panel gets overlapped


Known Issues:

  • Checker boxes draw for a fraction of a second on images in the preview panel for the few formats after the purge
  • Network / external device location in favorites do not appear in Bridge if these locations are not accessible to the system at the time of the Bridge launch
  • Tiles for folders does not appear in Review mode on windows
  • Window size is reduced when saving a workspace


For more info on what a beta is and how you can participate, see Adobe Creative Cloud Beta FAQ







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Participant ,
Mar 06, 2023 Mar 06, 2023

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Any of all theese fixes gonna solve the insanely slow performance and the very high cpu-usage that came along with v13?





Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
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