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Adobe Bridge Beta is now available (

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 28, 2023 Aug 28, 2023

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We are happy to announce the release of Adobe Bridge Beta (


We have been tracking the issues reported on the latest release version of Bridge and have been working on fixing those issues.  



Steps to install/update


InstallGo to the Creative Cloud desktop app and select Beta apps in the left sidebar of the Apps panel. Then select install for your beta app.


Update: Go to the Creative Cloud desktop app, click on Update in the left sidebar of the Apps panel, and Check for updates. Then click update for your beta app.


Note: As always, the update will be rolled out incrementally. If you do not see the update in the Creative Cloud Desktop app, please wait for a couple of days till we release the Beta update to all users


Fixed Issues:


  • Bridge does not retain sort preferences, reverts them to "File Name" after each relaunch
  • Multiline is not working in metadata panel 
  • New window dialogue gets truncated for certain scaling
  • The name of the current working folder does not get displayed in the top bar of Bridge
  • Undocked panel are created through scripts in secondary window in case main window is closed
  • Issues in creating custom workspace in secondary window and switching between windows
  • Custom Keyword panels were not created correctly
  • Loupe view does not track the mouse if mouse is kept pressed
  • Thumbnails are not getting generated for specific JP2 files
  • Stability and crash fixes in the area of zip/unzip and multi-window scenario


     Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Assigned shortcut "Tab" to maximise panel is not working
  • Shortcut text for purple label is not updating in preferences panel
  • Copy and move (option+command+V) is not working
  • Few KBSC (Review mode, File Info, Batch Rename) could not be customized  
  • Info text is not readable as disaplyed in white for light theme


For more info on what a beta is and how you can participate, see Adobe Creative Cloud Beta FAQ







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