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Adobe Bridge Beta is now available

Adobe Employee ,
Dec 22, 2022 Dec 22, 2022

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We are happy to announce the release of Adobe Bridge Beta (


As part of our effort to fix issues reported with Bridge 13.0, this Beta build resolves some of the top ones. Please let us know if any of the mentioned fixes are not holding well for you.


Also, we are hearing your requests about reintroducing Multiple Bridge windows. This Beta release does not include this requested feature, but the Bridge team is working on it, analyzing the use cases, and constructing an appropriate action plan. Please stay tuned.


This Beta release also includes several bug fixes done in the 13.0.1 public release. For details, see Fixed issues


Steps to install/update


InstallGo to the Creative Cloud desktop app and select Beta apps in the left sidebar of the Apps panel. Then select install for your beta app.


Update: Go to the Creative Cloud desktop app, click on Update in the left sidebar of the Apps panel and Check for updates. Then click update for your beta app.


Fixed Issues:



  • Manual sorting option changes to default in the sort drop-down after updating from version 12.0.3
  • Sort Order doesn't refresh after changing the label/rating.


Full Screen and Loupe view

  • Image flickers in full screen continuously
  • Full Screen - 100% Preview scaled/pixelated upon fractional scaling
  • Loupe position is incorrect in software rendering [Mac]
  • Loupe view is not showing the 100% view of the image


Mouse and Keyboard Navigation

  • Mouse pointer disappears from Full Screen Preview
  • Label/rating keyboard shortcut isn't working in non-US keyboards
  • Right-click button requires repeated right-click action to work in inactive panel
  • A file 'Cut' on the Content panel gets duplicated by the 'Paste' option [Win]



  • Labels and ratings are not working on the keyboard with AZERTY layouts
  • Bridge v13 (and v12) doesn't honor OneDrive locations in macOS Monterey
  • Label and Ratings apply operation causes the Bridge application to hang
  • Bridge navigates to the desktop when files in one folder are moved to another folder
  • A4 and Page's dimension gets inserted in the output template name after saving it in Bridge.
  • Import from device option is missing in Bridge [Mac]
  • Folder panel does not redirect to the desktop when the user is within the hidden folder and has disabled the Show Hidden Files option in the View drop-down list
  • New folder text edit field does not get removed in the Content panel
  • Browse in Bridge or Open with Bridge option does not open files if Bridge is already open
  • Hidden folders are not visible in the Folder panel
  • Scroller moves while dragging and dropping the files in the Content panel
  • Keywords workspace isn't available anymore in Bridge
  • Creating a new folder does not enable the edit mode by default in Content panel for setting up its name
  • Keywords missing while importing the keywords file in Bridge
  • Content panel does not get refreshed after deleting the collection and it reappears on the re-launch
  • Folder gets selected when trying to drag files through it in the Folder panel
  • Show Folders option always remains checked in the View drop-down list
  • [Win] Broken combination of held Ctrl with pressed left / right Arrow to go backward / forward through visited folders history.


For more info on what a beta is and how you can participate, see Adobe Creative Cloud Beta FAQ






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