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Application running out of memory

Community Beginner ,
Apr 22, 2024 Apr 22, 2024

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I just lost basically a days work because of something my Macbook does that I have never experienced before. It’s a new M3 MAX with 36GB ram running Sonoma 14.4.1 

I had 198 images in Adobes ACR. I had done extensive work on  about 100. Went to save out as tifs 74 files at which point it said Bridge run out of application memory and Bridge, which is where I send my raw files to camera raw from, was consuming 64GB memory. It then appeared to crash but just go to sleep and then asked me for my password with ACR no longer open and just the Bridge interface showing. I have had the application warning about 4 times since I bought the laptop and had taken to making sure that no other apps were open although Chrome browser was and email. This never happened on my trash can Mac although it does have 64GB of ram but more importantly it never ever happened on my 2015 Macbook pro which only has 16GB ram! I have spent years sending sometimes 500 or more files to camera  raw and never experienced this.
It’s really beginning to cheese me off now. I have lost work before but never a whole days work.
If anybody has any thoughts I’d be really grateful. At this point I might need to save one at a time as I go which would slow it all down so much I might as well go back to my old machines!
Bridge and ACR are the latest versions.
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