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SharedCache causing problem?

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Dec 21, 2019 Dec 21, 2019

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A new cache system has been introduced, SharedCache.

Let’s call the old system SingleCache.


SharedCache is first of all aimed at a multiusersystem with a central cache.

SharedCache seems also to be used for a single computer.  In my case (Bridge 2019) I seem to have got both systems on my single computer.


I have noticed an increase of CPU use (often at 100%).

If I shut down Bridge my CPU percentage is about 15%.


When I opened Bridge the CPU went up to 75%.

Where 70% is for a subprocess called” MyFolder (Not Responding)”. That folder holds 7 small images and were opened in the last session of Bridge.

That process “Myfolder (Not Responding)” goes on and on, using 75% CPU, sometimes dropping down to 15% and then again rising.

And my CPU is a 4x3.0GHz Xeon, so the used processor power is considerable.

I thought at first that Bridge did some Cache work on a newly opened folder. But for 7 images?

It seems more like Bridge has stuck on that folder.

I have now tested this for 20 minutes and the CPU use for the folder don’t stop. I close down Bridge and open it again. The same process (MyFolder(Not Responding)…) opens again with a jumping, slightly less CPU (10-30%), but it never seems to be finished.


I don’t know if that is connected with the SharedCache or the SingleCache since I seem to have got both systems on my computer (a PC).

But I suspect the new SharedCache.

It does not seem that I have any choice about which, or any, cache system is being used. So it does not seem that I can force Bridge to drop the SharedCache and only use the SingleCache.


But the problem with the CPU often at 100% is that Bridge gets slow and lagged. In worst situations the cursor is slow and oscillating which makes it almost impossible to use.


Basically I would like to have Bridge’s full attention when working with it. It would be nice if background caching only happened when Bridge was idle or shut down. As it is now the benefits of a cache system is decreased by a worse working situation.


Hm. Of course it could be just my Bridge that has gone corrupt?


Any suggestions?


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