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Camera profile disappears from drop-down menu after selecting another profile

Explorer ,
Feb 14, 2023 Feb 14, 2023

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This may be specific to Nikon mirrorless Z-series cameras. When I go to edit a RAW file, the image file opens in ACR with the color profile selected that corresponds to the type of picture control selected in the camera. For example, if the in-camera setting is SD (standard) the profile selected as ACR opens is "camera standard v2" or "camera standard" (depending on the camera used). This to me is correct and what I would prefer. However, if I open the drop down menu what I see for selections are the adobe profiles, no camera profiles (see OpeningView.jpg). At that point if I select "adobe vivid" or any other in the menu, the profile changes to "adobe vivid" or whatever was selected (as it should). If I then open the drop down menu again, I again see the adobe profiles but the "camera standard" profile is not there --it essentially has disappeared (see NoCameraProfile.jpg). To select it again, I have to click on the button to the right of the profile window and navigate my way through layers of possible choices, ie it is there but buried deep in a large list of possibilities and not easy to find. It seems to me it should instead be in the profile windowndrop down menu along with the adobe profiles.

PS 24.1.1, ACR 15.1..1.1329, Windows 10 OS 19045.2486







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