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How to add ProfileHueSatMap data into an RAW image

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Oct 14, 2017 Oct 14, 2017

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Recently, I'm working on the DNG related works.

I have some questions about adding the TAGs of DNG.

I have already added multiple DNG Tags into the raw image using a script build on MATLAB. Such as CFAPattern2, CCM and etc.

After read the specification of dng 1.4.0, I found there are three HUE related TAGs which I haven't added into my MATLAB script.




The type of ProfileHueSatMapDims is LONG, and this tag stands for the divisions of hue, saturation and value.

I've found those three values always be 6 6 3 (still not sure how these value will affect the raw image).

For the other two TAGs, both types are FLOAT. With the help of ExifToolGUI, I can get there is a large amount of binary data stored in these two tags as shown below.

With the help of MATLAB build-in function, I can convert the jpeg image from RGB color space to HSV color space, using --- rgb2hsv.

My problem is how to transfer these HSV data generated from rgb2hsv into ProfileHueSatMapData1 ?

* The generated HSV data is a 3 layer data.

* For ProfileHueSatMapData1, I suppose it should be 1 layer.






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