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SheerID Fiasco

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Aug 23, 2021 Aug 23, 2021

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Recently I had to validate my student status again. I use a student license since I am enrolled to the Open University. Adobe has outsourced this process now to a company called SheerID. The people who work there, or at least the one I got in contact with, Jonalie D., is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  

As requested I provided a recent confirmation of the university that I am still enrolled there, with my own name and student number, just the same as last time I had to prove my enrollment to Adobe.  This was not enough for her since the letter did not contain my initials. So, as requested by her, I send some screenshots from the portal from the university where she could see my account details. Again, this was not enough because my official first name is not the name I daily use and which is on my Adobe account. Official my first names are Jan Alexander, but I go by Sander which is short for Alexander. To show proof of this, I also send a copy of my passport. Again, this was not enough for Miss Jonalie D. 

She has access to my Adobe account and my previous registration, or at least she can confirm with Adobe. So she can confirm it's the same person, same university as to which Adobe provided the student discount in the first place. It’s also the same name which is on my credit card which I used to pay Adobe for the last 5+ years!

To compare, I use the same student discount with Autodesk. They have an automated process which took me about 2 seconds to validate my account. This woman has all the information needed to confirm my account, but she refuses to do so. This has nothing to do with following Adobe guidelines as she states, but is just opposing customers.

To make a long story short, I now cancelled my subscription with Adobe Creative Cloud. There is nothing I can send this woman which will convince her I am who I say I am. So Adobe can thank miss Jonalie D. for losing a longtime, paying user.

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