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Additional fm-element via XSLT preprocessing require modification in the DITA DTD as well?

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May 29, 2018 May 29, 2018

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I already post this question in the DITA Forum. There I got the impulse to may ask this better directly in the FrameMaker Forum ..... (I just explain it here that noone will complain about double posting …)


One question related to


"XSLT Magic Tricks with DITA and FrameMaker"  by Eliot Kimber 



On page 45 of the presentation Eliot Kimber talks about the "hacking DITA <fig> content model ...." He explain to do this in the FrameMaker copy of the DITA DTDs.


Why this is nessesary? In my case I try to add one Element which is required for the presentation of the xml in FrameMaker. For this I use an XSLT preprocessing stylesheet. Actually in the structure view everything looks perfect (no flag that something is invalid / therfore I think the EDD is correct). When I open the DITA xml file in FrameMaker I got some messages in the console, that the additional fm-element is not valid in the content where the preprocessing stylesheet insert the fm required element.


I am confuesed because I was searching for any modification of the DTD in the FrameMaker copy for example for the fm-reltable element. I could only find something in the r/w rules (unwrap fm-reltable) but no modification in the DTD byself. But when I open a map, then there is no message in the console. No coplain that the additional fm-reltable element is not valid in the content.


In my case I suppose that the preprocessing could manage to insert additional required fm-elements without the need of modifiying the DITA DTD ....


I am wrong with this? if I'm right, where could be my fault.


  • In the console messages when open the xml in FM (fm-element is wrong content)


  • In the structure view no flag for invalid content ...


  • When I switch betwenn structure view and FM-xml-editor the additional fm-element will be dropped (writer rule). When I switch back again to structure view no messages ….


  • When I add the new fm-element in my DITA DTD, than I got no messages in the FM console when open the xml file (but is this realy required .....?) If yes, why is this not required e.g. for the fm-reltable element .....


I am using FrameMaker 2015 ….

Thank you.









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