Imported Brushes Causing Unusable Lag

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Feb 16, 2022 Feb 16, 2022

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I just set up my new Microsoft Touch Pro 7 (8GB) with the Adobe programs I'm used to (and literally nothing else on it aside from these) and started tinkering with Fresco. I loved the app and used it for probably two hours without issue. 


Then I uploaded some of the Kyle T. Webster brushes from Adobe and the entire app began to lag so badly it was unusable. Not just the new brushes I imported but any brush I tried to use at all. I closed the program. I restarted my laptop twice. Nothing worked until I removed the brushes from the app via the creative cloud and then app seemed to work normal for a few minutes. I imported the brushes again and I got the same lag.  


I was not using vector brushes, my canvases were just standard default sizes and I tried a few. 

Lastly I removed the imported brushes again and the app was only partially back to normal. Some brushes (including all of the love brushes) were fine but some of the default brushes (the charcoal, for example) were lagging nonsensically. 


I would think this was perhaps and internet connection issue if it weren't for the fact that the app was behaving differently with the imported brushes. They were just simple pixel brushes and when I opened them to use in Photoshop, they behaved perfectly normally. 


I'm surprised to see so many posts in this forum about Fresco starting to lag out of nowhere after a time of usage. And I'm even more surprised that there has been no offered solutions or even explanations. Has there been any idea on what is causing this? I really, really enjoy this app as a sketch and underpinning process to be finished out and rendered in Photoshop but the random lag with no explanation is baffling. 

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