Fonts Will Not Load In Illustrator No Matter What I Do

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Jun 03, 2022 Jun 03, 2022

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I have been trying to get a font family to load into Illustrator for at least two hours now, and feel like I have tried everything to no avail whatsoever. Here is the background for my issue and what I have tried so far:

-I installed a group of 8 fonts in the same font family into both my computer and Adobe Fonts (under the "Add Fonts to Creative Cloud" option since they font is not available through Adobe otherwise.

-In Illustrator, only two of them were available, with the rest of them nowhere to be seen.

-From here, I tried everything the internet told me to do, including:

     -Disabling and enabling Adobe Fonts

     -Siging out from Creative Cloud, restarting my computer, a signing back in

     -Making sure that the fonts were "installed for all users" on my computer

-None of this worked, so I uninstalled all of the fonts in both Creative Cloud and my desktop. I noted that once I did this, the two fonts no longer showed up in Illustrator, so they successfully uninstalled.

-What I found from there was strange, and I am at my wits end trying to figure out why this is happening: I tried reinstalling the fonts one-by-one, and when I did this, Illustrator would only load the very first one I installed. I tried this multiple times, uninstalling and reinstalling on both my computer and in Creative Cloud (in isolation, I didn't have them installed on both at any given time as it seems to make no difference), and it always could only load the very first one I installed and no others following it.


I have attached photos documenting the problem in its current state. Please tell me what I can do to fix this problem. I have wasted so much time on something that should be so simple. I would appreciate any help.


Thank you.







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