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Optimize for Fast Web View = Reduce PDF File Size Like Super Wow

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Nov 17, 2021 Nov 17, 2021

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In the "This Worked For Me" Department:


I've got a large multi-artboard file and saved each artboard to its own PDF. It was kinda shocking that each PDF was 1.3GB in size, since I had unchecked "Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities" when I saved. I also verified that each PDF was only saving the desired artboard in question (and not the entire document) by loading it back up in Illustrator.


The customer played around with the large PDFs in his own app and found he could cut the file size down a lot by "saving a copy with the Layers turned off". Not sure what app he used, but his success got me experimenting with the various PDF save options.


What worked was: turning on Optimize for Fast Web View. Reduced the file size down to 35MB (a 97% saving) with no discernable difference in quality. Holy ShaMOLEY.


I hadn't thought to check this option because the file wasn't destined to be viewed on the web. Yes, I know Adobe recommends checking this option even in that case, but their advice is often eminently ignorable, and I mistakenly thought it was here as well. Ya got me on that one, Adobe.


For what it's worth, my AI file has a lot of embedded 300dpi images that probably have a certain amount of transparent border pixels that get added as part of the Rasterize operation. So perhaps there's some image compression going on that just doesn't happen without the Optimize For Fast Web View being checked.


Also for what it's worth, I could open the PDF in Acrobat DC and save it as a Compressed PDF and get similar file size savings (but slightly reduced rendering quality).

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