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Recolor artwork, vectorize images, and style text in a single click.

Adobe Employee ,
Oct 20, 2022 Oct 20, 2022

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With Illustrator 27.0 release, you now have a set of quick actions in the Discover panel to run the most popular workflows in just one click.

Quick Actions consolidate a series of steps that are required to perform common tasks into a single click to help you quickly add Neon effect to text, convert Sketch to Vector, apply retro text effect, and more!

Check out this tutorial by Monika Gause to learn more about Quick Actions in Illustrator.



Video tutorial contributed by: Monika Gause (will be added next week)

Monika Gause is a freelance Communication Designer, Technical Writer, and teacher based in Hamburg, Germany. Vector graphics have been the constant in a career that led her from desktop publishing to multimedia, web design, and - currently - writing. She has built 3D animations for museums, designed small companies' websites, and illustrated countless office supply items. As a teacher and a community professional in the Adobe community, she loves to dive into her clients' and the other member of community workflows and problems and develop solutions for them.



SrishtiBali_10-1665082434608.pngTo apply Quick actions to your objects, do the following:

  1. In the Discover panel, select Browse > Quick actions to open the list of quick actions.
  2. Select an object, and then select a quick action.
  3. Click Apply and Illustrator will quickly apply the action on the selected object.









Let’s learn more about these workflows:


Convert Sketch to Vector: Converts hand-drawn sketches to vector artwork.



Recolor: Applies a random color theme to your artwork.



Retro text: Apply retro effects to selected text.



Neon glow text: Gives your text a neon glow effect.


Old school: Gives your text an old-school look



Try out these quick actions and let us know your opinions here. Also, please share suggestions of commonly used complex workflows that you want to see as quick actions. You can also add these suggestions to our UserVoice page.




Draw and design






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