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Feb 18, 2021 Feb 18, 2021

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Something that has been bugging me about Illustrator is that the size of the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons don't match up with any other Windows software that I'm using. The buttons are smaller in Illustrator for some reason. It can be annoying because when I'm rapidly clicking to minimize a bunch of software, when it gets to Illustrator, the pointer is off and doesn't end up hitting the minimize button.

I checked and CC version of AE and an old CS version of Photoshop don't have this problem. It just seems to be an Illustrator CC (and potentially Photoshop CC) thing. 

In the attached screenshot, from top to bottom: Illustrator CC / Firefox / Windows Photo Viewer / Photoshop CS3. See how the size of all the other buttons line up and Illustrator is different? I'm curious if this is an intentional design or if there's just something funky about my interface/settings/resolution. Anyone have any insight?

Illustrator CC version 24.1.1 (64-bit)
Windows 10
1920 x 1080 screen resolution
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

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