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InDesign 18.0: Numbered lists forcing set number of words onto a line

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Nov 28, 2022 Nov 28, 2022

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The new version of InDesign (18.0) seems to have introduced a bug into numbered lists. It seems that when there is a numbered list of a certain length it requires it all to be on one line or force it and everything that follows into overset text instead of simply wrapping the text to the next line.


In the image below, notice the line indicated with the red arrow. It's formatted with a numbered list paragraph style that inserted the "CHAPITRE 3 : " before the text "DISCONTINUITES DE SOUDURE". Shrinking the text frame horizontally moves the entire line (and everything after) to be overset, instead of wrapping "DE" to the next line like you'd expect.



Note the image below, that shows the line and everything after it as overset.


After some poking around, I've noticed that inserting a random space into the first word will make the text wrap to the next line like you'd expect. There are no Keep or non-breaking hyphens applied anywhere in the text, either.

Can anyone point me to the solution or probable cause?


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