XML placeholders in layer disappear when relinking

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Jan 16, 2021 Jan 16, 2021

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I have been using XML placeholders to update the pricing info in a catalog. In my last update. I noticed that some of the info in the text boxes had changed. First, I thought that the XML file had been altered but all the info seems to be in the same place that it was before. Not knowing how to troubleshoot this, I decided to use an old version of the catalog and relink with the new XML. It worked. 
However, I had made many edits to the catalog in the graphics to use the older catalog even though the XML update works in that version. Trying to figure out a better and faster way, I thought that separating the graphics layer from the content with the placeholder would allow me to send the layer that worked to the most updated design version. I created a new layer using copy /paste to place all the XML placeholders and tested relinking the XML but all the placeholders disappeared.
I was planning to use a plugin of the layer cloner to send that layer to the new version of the catalog.
Is there anything I can try to do to resolve this issue?
Why is the new layer not letting me update the XML?
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