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P: Do not permit duplicate keywords

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Feb 22, 2022 Feb 22, 2022

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It would be great to have an option to disable duplicate same keywords.

I had to create a compulsory alphabet hierarchy because too many keywords in the keyword list freezes Lightroom, so I was suggested to create a hierarchy "dummy" so that this bug does not appear.


But now when I import images that have been already keyworded many words appear duplicated, for example aerial view. I have an aerial view inside the A letter top hierarchy and the same word outside of it. So I have to select every time all the images with the one outside of A and include them to the keyword inside A and then delete the duplicate keyword outside the A group. And this with hundreds of words. Really really annoying.


Lightroom should not let duplicate keywords or at least give the option to disable this possibility.

The best of course would be for me to not have to create any hierarchy in the first place. And have no limits if I create a plain list with 8000 keywords. So then no keyword repeat would be possible. But as this bug has not been solved for years and it might not be solved in the recent future it would be great an option DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATE KEYWORDS in preferences so that when you import an image if you have an empty (not export) parent container you don't have the same keywords inside and outside the container and alot of manual work ahead.

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