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Dec 23, 2020 Dec 23, 2020

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Dear community,

I have the following problem: When I edit images on Lightroom on the notebook, they always show an identically increased contrast when viewed after export, or even before export, in the "lightroom for web" view as well as when viewed on mobile lightroom. After export, as mentioned, the contrast of the images is always increased, no matter where they are viewed.

"Normal" without contrast increase images are only displayed in the notebook Lightroom itself during editing. Interestingly, as soon as the contrast-enhanced images are opened again in Lightroom on the notebook even after export, they look "normal" again. The identical problem exists when using Lightroom Classic.

My conclusion is that it is not due to the notebook's screen. It is calibrated with Datacolor SPYDER X PRO, reproduces 99% of the sRGB color space and, depending on where you view the images, can display the contrast increase as well as the "normal" images.

I also do not think that it can be due to the lack of color management of the Internet browsers used for viewing or the Windows photo viewer, since the mobile lightroom also displays the contrast identically increased compared to the notebook lightroom (and with the mobile lightroom I assume that it handles color management?). Since the contrast of the images viewed in mobile lightroom is identically increased compared to the contrast increase of the images after export on the notebook, I also assume that this problem cannot be due to the different monitors. I know that each monitor renders images differently. But this problem is identical on all screens.

The only logical conclusion I can see here is that the Notebooklightroom is displaying all images incorrectly for some reason, and that they are actually displayed with too little contrast than they actually are. The only thing is that I have no idea what could be the cause for this issue. Does anyone share the same problem, or have a hint as to what the cause might be?


PS: The attached image shows the comparison of the "lightroom for web" view (left) and the notebook lightroom view (right). Note the contrast increase on the boat.

Thanks a lot for help!

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