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History/Sync Issues

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Jul 17, 2023 Jul 17, 2023

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I am having an issue with Lightroom where, twice now, after creating a shared public link for an album all the photos will revert back to their last history state. I share the link with the client and feel great about all the extra masking and finer detailing I just spent hours doing... only to find that, a few hours later, the photos are no longer how they looked before sharing the album.

I had a small panic attack the first time because I couldn't find the edits made on my iPad when I rushed back into Lightroom to check what the matter was. It was horrifying to see all my work gone, but after checking on the desktop app (where I did the last bit of editing and sharing), all my edits were there in the history panel. For whatever reason, in BOTH occations, I've had to go through each photo, one by one, and save the auto-generated version in the History tab as a Named version. 

To be fair, I haven't pinpointed exactly when the photos revert or what has caused them to do so, but it's super frustrating to say the least. 

Not to mention, I constantly have issues with Lightroom syncing with Lightoom Classic (sometimes a synced album will be one or two pictures less in Classic than in which only resolves itself when I do a complete sync-data rebuild). 

I truly love all the quality of life improvements with the transformer models that help us mask and remove objects - but the integrety of the syncronization ecosystem has made me worried about continuing to use the cloud features for professional photo sharing. 

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