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How to merge develop settings when locating a missing folder?

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Nov 12, 2022 Nov 12, 2022

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Hi folks - I'm using CC Lightroom.


I periodically rename a folder that has been imported into my catalog.  I do this as part of the way I organize my photos.  For example, I may start with a folder named "Lacrosse", import it into Lightroom, do some editing of photos, and then later when I add more pictures to the folder, rename it on my hard drive as "Lacrosse, Pineapples".


Lightroom notices that the original folder "Lacrosse" is missing when I syncronize, and of course it finds the new folder "Lacrosse, Pineapples" and imports those images. But it considers the two folders to be different so far, which is to be expected.


However, when I help it locate the missing "Lacrosse" folder by pointing it at the "Lacrosse, Pineapples" folder, it asks me if I want to merge and then invariably tells me it can't completely merge the two folders.  If it does successfully merge, I lose all develop settings from the original "Lacrosse" folder.  This is a bummer.


I would swear that this used to work correctly in an older version of Lightroom, somewhere around LR4.


To make matters worse, I can't manually copy develop settings from an image in "Lacrosse" to apply to the same image in "Lacrosse, Pineapples" because the Copy Settings option is disabled. Presumably because the folder is "lost" and has incomplete data.


Is there a way to get LR to successfully merge and preserve develop settings?  It seems a simple thing to compare the two folders and determine that the images are the exact same images, and relink everything.  I mean, the software does dynamic algorithmic fill when creating panoramas and that's harder than this 🙂







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