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Jun 20, 2021 Jun 20, 2021

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Here is the scenario.

1. existing catalog in Classic, roughly 18K photos.

2. Folder 1, roughly 2K images, never imported to Classic. Some overlap with what is in Classic..

3. Folder 2, Roughly 9K images, never imported to Classic. Significant overlap with what is in Classic and some overlap with images in Folder 1..

4. Folder 3. Roughly 1K, almost no duplicates. Many from a new 61 mega pixel camera; so much larger.

5. Folder 4. Roughly 500 images, about half are duplicates. Phone camera images, so on the smaller side.


Compelete the migration.

Add the other folders, adding each folder before the previous one has synced.

The sync process slows down dramatically after you get an error about the images. It then proccesses about one image every three to four seconds. There were over 8K "sync issues" visable on the website.


The Adobe support was basically useless. The CSR kept trying to blame the slow proccessing on my internet connection, I have Gigabit FIOS, I was only seeing 35Mbps outbound with just Cloudy running, and tested around 800 Mbps with speedtest.net and my office. I forget what the othre excuses were, but the final one I needed to optimise my catalog, this is only available in Classic.


Since I had done no processing in Cloudy, I decided to kill Lr Desktop, delete the local library, delete everything from the cloud I could (only exception was the orphan connection to Portfolio); and restart. Letting Lr finish syncing after each step/import. Hopefully this will fix it.






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