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May 30, 2021 May 30, 2021

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I would like to use an iPad Pro (2018 or 2021) for my sports photography workflow, which requires me to select and edit about 12-15 photos between each period of a hockey game, to send to the league. Those 12-15 pictures need to be selected from about 300-400 pictures on the card after each period. I only have about 12 minutes to do so. Every minutes counts.


With a MacBook, I use Photo Mechanic to quicly select pictures on the card, BEFORE importing them to Lightroom Classic. I also use a star rating during shooting to make this selection process even faster.


On an iPad Pro, Photo Mechanic doesn't exist so I have to use Lightroom Mobile to select and import. But if I want to see the star rating, I need to import all pictures (the Import screen does not show the star ratings) and this slows down the process a lot, since I really need to import between 20 and 25 pictures to finally select 10-12 of them in the end.


I'm really hoping for a way to filter photos on the Import screen, blocking out previous pictures (from previous games or periods), non-rated pictures, etc. Then, I could just import the pictures I need and speed up the process.


I'm hoping that with the new iPad Pro with the M1 chip, those features can be added to the iPad version of Lightroom. If not, what would be the ideal workflow?


Adding a default preset when importing, new export features, graphic watermark and other details in the recent verions really helped the workflow but there's still something to add to make it ideal, I think.

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