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iPhone 13 Pro Max with Lightroom CLOUD

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Dec 17, 2021 Dec 17, 2021

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I am using an iPhone 13 Pro Pro Max with the Apple Camera App and the Lightroom app plus LIGHTROOM CLOUD (NOT CLASSIC) on my Desktop.


If I capture an image in RAW on the iphone one image is displayed in PHOTOS on the iPhone.

When sent to LR on iPhone and on Desktop two images are displayed (one DNG (RAW) and the other jpg). Both have same file name (IMG_0530.DNG and IMG_0530.jpg). The .jpg File has no camera, lens or Exif data. Why is a .jpg also captured?

The Capture Time for the DNG is 3:38:04 pm and for the .jpg it is 3:38:29 pm. Why such a difference?


If I capture an image as a .jpg one image is displayed in PHOTOS on the iPhone.

When sent to LR as above 2 images are displayed (both .jpg but with the same File Name IMG_0531.JPG ( note .JPG not .jpg as in RAW scenario above). All Exif and other date is the same except Capture Time (5:11:29 and 5:11:30)

I would very much appreciate an explanation for the above anomalies.








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