Lightroom sysnc wrong after restoring deleted filed

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Feb 28, 2021 Feb 28, 2021

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Somehow, Lightroom Sync from LrC (which I dont really use often, but needed to use to add some GPS data) deleted about 4,000 files from my catalogue. I went to the online Lightoom and restored the deleted files.  They are all showing fine on 60,753 photos. However, on Lr on my mac, it says "Synced and backed up" but is showing 58,126 photos - which is more than it was when they were all deleted, but clearly not 60,753. On my phone it is showing 57,381 photos on the summary, but when going in to All Photos it shows 60,600. It also shows "synced and backed up" On my ipad it shows 60,753 photos.


I have looked at syncing threads and tried various changing of metadata, importing, deleting files etc etc. I unistalled the app and rebooted but all to no avail. Are there any suggestions anyone has? This syncing is an onging problem as the forums show and I am pretty upset at paying £20pcm for peace of mins and clearly there is none. Ideally, I just want to wipe the data, reset the sync, and redownload anything I am missing, but there seems no ability to do this.







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