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"Unable to download original" after clearing cache.

Community Beginner ,
May 29, 2024 May 29, 2024

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Hi there, 


So, I think I made a bit of a boo-boo by manually deleting the cache folder to clear up some valuable disk space. 

I noticed that my C drive was running full and after a bit of detective work, I discovered that there was some 130gb of RAW photo's stored in an "Originals" folder in my Lightroom user files. 

So I thought: "Well, why do I need copies of my RAW photos (which are some 80mb each) on my C drive, when I have the actual originals on my big D drive?" Which quickly followed by me hitting the delete button. 


All was fine and well, untill I wanted to edit a few previously edited photos and I was greeted with the message: "Unable to download original, please unpause sync". 


Now, unpausing the sync (which I manually paused due to my storage being full and me not using cloud stuff anyway) obviously didn't result into anything as I manually paused the sync, thus no data was ever saved in the first place. 


Now this is all fine and dandy, but the current status is that I only have access to some really low-res thumbnails of my previously edited photo's and I can't retrieve the orginals Lightroom so desperately wants. 


It's a bit annoying to be honest that for whatever reason, Lightroom needs COPIES of the originals, rather than accessing the actual originals themselves. Meaning a lot of disk space gets wasted really. 

Why? Premiere Pro doesn't make copies of video files, does it? You work from the original video file. If you delete that, you'll instantly get a message that the media file is gone. 

So why does Lightroom need to make copies? 


What I also find a bit annoying with almost every Adobe program, is that it never asks where you want to store stuff upon installation. I've already gone through this with Premiere Pro, where my C drive was suddenly full because it was putting preview files onto it but never deleting it. So only then I found out that I had to manually change that from my C drive to my D drive. (Even though my Premiere Pro itself is installed on my D drive)


And now it's the same with Lightroom. I have Lightroom installed on the D drive but it's still writing a lot of information to my C drive and leaving it there. I then have to find this out because my C drive is suddenly 99% full and I have to manually change this storage path to my D drive. 


Why do we have to find this out when it's about to go wrong? Why not have a little window during the installation process: "Yo, we're gonna be writing all this stuff to temporary locations, which by the way aren't REALLY temporary and mess up your entire workflow if you ever even think about deleting them. Where you want it, fam?"


Having asked all that, here's my main question:



Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk. 







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