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Significant difference in appearance in uneditphotos in LR mobile app, camera roll, computer etc.

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Jun 16, 2022 Jun 16, 2022

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Guys, I am losing my mind with this. So many issues relating to image characteristics according to where I view them (in iPhone camera roll, in LR mobile app, in Preview on my MacBook Pro, etc)

Has anyone else experienced that iPhone RAW photo highlight details appear to go flat upon import into the LR IPhone app? I have noticed that unedited RAW photos I take on my iPhone show considerably more detail in the highlights when I view the untouched RAW image in camera roll then they do in the Lightroom app. It’s as if the highlight slider has been slid down, and yet, this is happening before I have done a single edit. I don’t know notice it happening all the time, which is confounding to me. Here is a screen recording example, where I swap between the untouched file in the LR app and camera roll. Look at the clouds through the right side open door. On my phone the difference is there Can anyone explain what is going on? It’s been driving me crazy!

Further, I notice that a raw file on the iPhone significantly varies in appearance according to where I view it. In camera roll it looks one way, then I import it into the LR mobile app and “export to camera roll”, then toggle in camera roll between the untouched LR export and the original untouched file, and I notice significant difference. Even more confusing is that I then copy the files to my MacBook, and view them there in Preview, and they again look different from one another, but in new ways! I am losing my mind with all of this! Here is a sendspace of a screenrecording toggle between the lr app and the iphone camera roll view of what is purported on both sides to be the original untouched image, and also in the seperate but related issue the DNG original as well as the LR "export to camera roll" of the same untouched image, which was imported to LR app and then exported right away.


I tried to upload all files directly to this message but I got the following error message:



Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

  • The attachment's iphone raw - 1.dng content type (image/x-adobe-dng) does not match its file extension and has been removed.



Therefore here is a zip folder of the same files that I uploaded to sendspace in a zip file


iOS: iPhone







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