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Starting using Lightroom and Apple Photos (including iCloud Photos) concurrently?

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Nov 23, 2021 Nov 23, 2021

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I have like a decade of photos taken with my various iPhones in my Apple Photos / iCloud Photos library (~40 GB), which also contains, variously, screenshots and other photos which I've saved or imported over the years.


I'd like to start managing the photos that I myself actually took with Lightroom, combinging them with all the photos I've taken with my DSLRs and finding the gems from both.


So far I only have my DSLR photos on my Windows desktop PC and using Lightroom Classic.


What is the most simple way I can export just the photos I actually took with my iPhones (and just the originals without Apple Photos adjustments), import them into Lightroom, and also import my Lightroom Classic library from my Windows desktop to my MacBook Pro, and continue using Apple/iCloud Photos going forward just as before? Should I just import everything into Lightroom and use it to search for and delete the photos that weren't taken by my iPhones' cameras? Regarding my DSLR photos, would it perhaps be easier to just put the originals on my MBP and start fresh with Lightroom rather than faff around with Classic (I'm not particularly attached to the edits I made years ago).



MBP running macOS 11.6 (should I first update to 12?)

Windows 10 latest version

Latest version of Adobe Lightroom installed on MBP

Latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic installed on Windows PC (I think; to be honest I haven't touched it in many many months and just let Creative Cloud do whatever updates it wants.)


Thanks for any tips or advice you can give!

macOS , Windows






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