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P: Zoom in to image when using the Watermark editor

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Jul 01, 2023 Jul 01, 2023

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Hi there,


I'm not sure how many people would find this useful, but I'd like to be able to zoom into the image when using the Watermark editor.

I don't use watermarks like most people seem to. In fact, they're not using it as a watermark at all, which makes sense as its really a Signature Placement Editor.


I do use it as a Watermark Editor, in the sense that I add a very faint, almost invisible signature to my photos. I put a watermark in a different place in my photos for every image.


Most people probably have the same placement for every photo. Bottom Left or Right being the most common. It generally never changes.


There is the option to place it pretty much wherever you want, which is what I do.. but the editor lacks precise placement because I can't zoom in and only have sliders to use to position it.


Being able to zoom in would really help, either by Pinch-to-Zoom or + & - buttons and being able to move it around. A few other helpful things would be a larger image in the editor and the ability to precisely rotate it, rather than just the 4 point rotation.


While a minor feature of the LR Mobile app, I'd really like to see this editor improved.


Thanks for reading. Chris.

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