Edits made while offline on desktop app are not completely synced

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Sep 03, 2020 Sep 03, 2020

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I recently returned from a trip where I was using an iPhone and a Macbook.  Network connection was intermittent, but I was careful never to make edits to the same photo on both the phone and the laptop.  On returning home, I find that many of the edits I made on the macbook have disappeared on syncing to the cloud!  

There appears to be a problem with Lightroom on desktop that causes it to hang if a network connection is interrupted, and once that situation occurs some edits are lost and never synced.  If I force quit Lightroom then only some of the edits - presumably those made prior to the loss of connection - are retained.

I have not lost too much work in this case, but one of the benefits of Adobe cloud is supposed to be the transparency of use while travelling, so this looks like a major flaw.  The syncing process should use a timestamp and should under no circumstances over-rule local edits made later than the timestamp.  I'm sure Adobe's cloud does use something like that, but it is broken in this case because my local edits have been over-written by older edits in the cloud.

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