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🔎 How to use Content Credentials (Beta) in Photoshop for NFTs

Adobe Employee ,
Apr 14, 2022 Apr 14, 2022

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Learn about Content Credentials (Beta) in Photoshop


Did you know you can enable a Beta feature in Photoshop to attach Content Credentials metadata to an image?  By doing this, you attach attribution data to your images while creating your artwork so that you can prove it is authentic when you share it online. File provenance can be displayed on Adobe Stock and Behance as well as NFT marketplaces. Buyers and sellers of non-fungible token (NFT) artwork can use Content Credentials (Beta) to see the history and attribution of a piece of artwork before it enters the blockchain.


Content Credentials (Beta) is part of a growing ecosystem of technologies being made available through the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). Adobe and our 700+ CAI members are dedicated to restoring trust online by creating a standard way to share visual content without losing key contextual details such as who made it, when, and how. Alongside the CAI, Adobe also co-founded a standards development organization, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to develop an open, global standard for sharing this information across platforms and sites.


The April update of Photoshop will be the first major implementation of the newly released 1.0 specification of the C2PA standard. Content Credentials (Beta) will interoperate with other adopters’ products, including software, hardware devices, publishing systems, and media platforms.


NOTE: This update will impact existing images using Content Credentials (Beta) in Photoshop

  • Content Credentials (Beta) made before the update will not be fully C2PA 1.0 compliant.
  • If the image has already been exported and attached to an image, we will support a legacy Verify site to inspect and compare images as normal.
  • If the image hasn’t been exported and signed yet, any in-process Content Credentials (Beta) information will be lost in the update. Users who continue with these documents after the update and attach a Content Credential will see a disclaimer in their exported images.
  • Content Credentials (Beta) made after the update will be C2PA 1.0 compliant and can be used as normal.


We’re excited to continue building a future of verifiable provenance and attribution with you through CAI and Content Credentials. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates.


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