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How do I write a bug report?

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 09, 2021 Sep 09, 2021

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When logging a new bug report, it's helpful to the Photoshop team when the information in the report includes steps describing how they can reproduce the bug experience. Once we can reproduce an issue, then we can start to investigate a fix. 


Note: If after a bit of troubleshooting we find that the bug report is in-fact not a product bug, the bug report may be moved out of Bugs and over to Discussions.


Find Adobe Digital Imaging Community Bug and Idea Reports

You can search the lists of bug reports and feature requests prior to logging a bug report or requesting a feature.

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Use the template below as a guide for posting the most meaningful bug reports for the team.


Bug report template:


  • Photoshop version
  • OS

Steps to reproduce:

  1. ...
  2. ...
  3. ...


Expected result
Actual result




Anatomy of a great bug report:


Issue: Provide a succinct one-line issue statement
(i.e. Photoshop does X when using a tool or plugin)

Provide Photoshop version: Help>System Info>Copy the top line with Photoshop version
Provide OS and version: macOS 12.2

Issue: Provide good steps to reproduce the behavior:
Step 1 to reproduce the issue (i.e. open a new CMYK document)
Step 2 to reproduce the issue (i.e. add layer or use tool)
Step 3 to reproduce the issue (i.e another needed step)

Expected result: Photoshop should do Y
Actual result: Photoshop does X

* Optional, but useful: Upload a Test file (can be shared through CC files or other third-party storage), screenshot, video or gif file capturing the issue


Bug Unresolved Locked
iPadOS , macOS , Windows






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