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Fixing a Lost Lazy Nezumi Pro Window/Panel

Community Expert ,
Jul 01, 2024 Jul 01, 2024

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This is something you might want to bookmark for if you ever lose your main Lazy Nezumi Pro window or Toolbar.  I replaced my ailing 32" 2K Benq screen with an Asus PA329CRV ProArt yesterday, which stuffed up LNP for me.  There is currently no information on the LNP FAQ page on how to resolve this, but after an exchange with Guillaime he will probably fix that.  Meanwhile you can find the information here.


As well as the 4K 3840 X 2160 main screen, I have a pair of 24" 1920 X 1200 screens.  I settled on setting the 4K screen to 125% in Windows Display settings, and left the 24" screens at 100%.  The Photoshop UI is set to 200%.


Initially the main LNP window was completely gone.  I could see it using Alt Tab, but selecting it did nothing, so it might have been off screen.   The LNP Toolbar was visible on one of the 24" screens, but twice its normal size, with tool icons so bloated I could only see three of them. My custom workspaces were all messed up as you'd expect.


I eventually retrieved the main LNP window by right clicking its icon in the Taskbar, and selecting Maximise,  but it had gone again after restarting Photoshop.  Reinstalling LNP made no difference.  It took a couple of system restarts and using the Maximize trick to get back to normal.


To avoid all this messing about, go to your lazynezumipro.ini file in your user data folder (in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lazy Nezumi Pro ), and delete the main.geom entry under [Windows] while LNP is not running.  This will reset the window position the next time you start it. 


Also remember that we can set the main LNP window and Toolbar scale separately.  I found that Auto worked with the main LNP panel on the 24" screen, but was a bit too small on the 4K 32".  I keep the Toolbar on the main screen set to 150%.









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