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Help importing fresco motion layers into photoshop - storyboarding workflow

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Jul 03, 2023 Jul 03, 2023

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Hi folks,

TL;DR photoshop seems to merge fresco motion layer frames instead of letting me edit them individually. 


I like to draw my frames in Fresco, save to the cloud, and then open that in Photoshop to do several things:

1. Extend each layer to a specified time using the video layers in photoshop to create an animatic. Fresco doesn't let you set a "time" or "number of frames" with their animation tools, which is unfortunate because they are more robust than photoshop's. 

I am having an issue where all the frames in my motion layer are merged into one when I open the document in photoshop. Any ideas?

2. Separatey, align individual frames to a more traditional storyboarding artboart setup so I can export all my frames as a nice PDF or image. 


I would love to do this all in photoshop but sadly I CANNOT DRAW STRAIGHT LINES on photoshop for IPAD! On the PC its a simple shift, and on fresco its a hold at the end of the stroke. 





Photoshop (all layers merged):



A broader question is here:

I'm a freelance 3D animator looking to nail down a storyboarding workflow. I usually need both a traditional storyboard like the one below and an animatic which I can adjust to VO, timing, etc. I like sketching these frames on my iPad but find photoshops lack of straight line drawing (no, I don't want to use a physical ruler on my ipad) frustrating and Fresco lacks artboard support and extending animation frames. Should I just use separate layers in Fresco instead of motion layers? It's annoying to toggle visibility for every layer group when switching frames. 



Any thoughts on a workflow that I can transfer between windows and my ipad? Thanks all!




iPadOS , Windows






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