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Script to Install & Update Scripts, Actions & Presets

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Nov 04, 2022 Nov 04, 2022

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Hey everyone, 


I was looking at some of the plugins I had and the code for studying and I ran into something that goes like this; I think that if I am reading correctly its using  var presetsFolder = Folder(app.path+"/Presets"); 

to detone a dynamic filepath into the photoshop app? Does that mean if I specify an app in the script and use this I can essentially create a dynamic filepath into the app that would work for both mac and windows? Apologies if its a dumb question as I am still learning. 


Essentially I am trying to write something where I can use to run it and it will be able to install / update scripts, actions & presets on different machines without having to manually do it on all of them as it can be quite tasking. 





alert("Presets installed");

function loadPresets()
        var presetsFolder = Folder(app.path+"/Presets");
        var brushesFolder = Folder(presetsFolder+"/Brushes");
        var toolsFolder = Folder(presetsFolder+"/Tools");
        var actionsFolder = Folder(presetsFolder+"/Actions");

        var scriptPath = File($.fileName).path;
        var brushesAsset = File(scriptPath+"/LUO_Brushes_2022.abr");
        var actionsAsset = File(scriptPath+"/LUO_Actions_2022.atn");
        var tplAsset = File(scriptPath+"/LUO_Presets_2022.tpl");


Actions and scripting







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