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Change How Photoshop Handles Pictures of Currency

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Sep 20, 2022 Sep 20, 2022

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I recently attempted to edit a photo of a wallet for an online sales thumbnail. The photo contains a tiny sliver of two US banknotes - you can't even see the numbers fully. 
Photoshop refuses to let me open the picture. 
Meanwhile, it lets me open two other, similar pictures with more of the banknotes showing. 

1) The purpose for, and the way in which, I am using the pictures is acceptable under US currency laws. 

2) The lack of consistancy and otherwise lack of given reason for why I cannot use one picture but can use the other two is very frustrating.

3) How am I supposed to edit the picture to be "acceptable" if I can't use my photo editing software to do so??? 

4) Obviously Photoshop is using some amount of AI to determine what looks enough like currency and what doesn't. Ok, fine. Use that to keep me from exporting the image, but really, let me open the image in the first place so I can fix any "problems" that the AI has. 

5) "Work around" solutions should not be the standard process for addressing this issue. 

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