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Collaboration via stand alone adobe app

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Jan 29, 2022 Jan 29, 2022

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*Disclaimer* I am in no way experienced with software development so I have no idea if this is even possible. I also have no idea if a third-party plugin for this already exists.


Figma has the capability to work on projects collaboratively in real-time, so I was thinking this would be amazing in the adobe suite. However, I get the impression this probably wouldn't be possible in photoshop for example especially if users were using features such as displacement maps or rendering effects that require high CPU power. So my thoughts were maybe a new app addition to the creative suite would work, perhaps it could work as just a collaborative space where you can just click and drag layer content from PS/Ai onto an artboard in the app, with basic editing features so collaborators can edit it to some extent still such as transform, warp, fill/stroke for shape content, etc. 


Collaborative files could be stored in the cloud, content sharing could work in a similar way to uploading layer content to libraries. If you want to go an extra step maybe a chat feature would be useful too and/or the ability to add feedback notes for the people you're working with.



- stand alone adobe app for real-time collaboration

- artboard setup using the cloud to upload, drag and drop content from CC apps

- files stored in the cloud

-communication features such as chat, feedback notes, etc.

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macOS , Windows






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