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Feature Request: Make it possible to toggle off Overscrolling for all screen modes, even when zoomed

Community Beginner ,
Aug 18, 2023 Aug 18, 2023

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Current Setup: Overscrolling is currently a setting located in Preferences > Tools. It only works when in Standard Screen Mode and Zoomed to Fit on Screen.


Problem: Turning off Overscrolling only works when in "Standard Screen Mode" (View > Screen Mode > Standard Screen Mode) and the window zoom is set to fit on screen. If zoomed in even slightly, or when in other screen modes, Overscrolling occurs despite toggling it off in the settings. 


Why would this be helpful:

Example 1 - When using a projector to project an image that is open in Photoshop, it is best seen in Full Screen Mode with no interface or UI visible. If you project an image onto an irregular shape by transforming and distorting an image to fit the irregular shape, Overscrolling makes this task nearly impossible. Currently it is possible to transform an image to the document bounds with Overscrolling disabled while in Standard Screen Mode, but there is no method for hiding the UI.


Example 2 - When Overscrolling is enabled, transforming a layer that is too near the window bounds causes the selected element to resize and pan the window, therefore losing the original positioning of the layer within the UI window. By easily toggling off Overscrolling, transforming/resizing/distorting shapes can done with more precision is required while zoomed in or when in other screen modes.


Solution: Move Overscrolling into the UI drop down, such as the View dropdown option and allow it to be toggled on or off with a hotkey while in any screen mode and allow it to work when zoomed in. 


Benefits: Greatly simplify aligning irregular shapes when distroting or transforming them while zoomed in, and allow for more creative uses of Photoshop in real world projecting and other artistic applications.

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