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organize actions

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Feb 22, 2022 Feb 22, 2022

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I think photoshop can make a better (faster) workflow possible if you can organize all your actions better. I was used to "the retouching toolkit", when all af a sudden they decided to update and made the old version impossible to use. I would have to purchase a new version all over again (with no garanty if, of when they would do a next update). 


I do think making better/faster workflow possible should be a adobe update, and not a purchasable plugin from a third party. It would help a lot of professional photoshop users. 


I see it as the following: the ability right now is a closet where you can only stack your actions. The more actions you have, the more scrolling to find your action.

It would be nice if you were able to design your own closed (like in The Retouching Toolkit). 


So Adobe: please learn from this third party, and develop tools like this (and as the develloper of Photoshop, you could even de better) for all your users. 

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Actions and scripting , macOS






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